You’re Losing 90% Of New Business – Here’s Why

If you’re a local business – read on. This is exactly what you need.

There’s a high chance you’re losing more business than you’re gaining – and it’s going right to the pocket of your competitors. Why? Read on…

We all know Google. We search everything on it. Heck, our entire lives are surrounded by Google. “Google it,” we always say. And that’s just it: people are Googling you. They’re searching for your business. Which means you’re either being found, or you’re not. 

Being a local business, it’s easier to be found – and ranked – than if you’re an online blog servicing the entire globe. With Google My Business Listing, it’s easy to find businesses around you – for exactly what you want.

As an example, open a new Google search, and type in a business near you… for example, “vet Mt Hawthorn.” Potential customers always Google whatever type of business their looking for – dentist, hair salon, vet, optometrist, etc – along with their suburb/town.

You’ll notice the first thing that appears in the search results is a box, a map, and three businesses. That’s the Business Listings.

The first three are simple – St Francis, Vogue Vets, and My Best Friend. I can guarantee these three vets are receiving more phone calls, and more doggy patients than any of the other businesses.

If you tap “More places,” this appears:

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 7.55.15 PM

Notice how there are more businesses listed? North Perth Vet, and Perth Cat Hospital are here – but they won’t be receiving anywhere near the amount of phone calls, website visits, or walk-ins than the top three results combined. 


Simple. People always trust the top-3 businesses to appear in the Google search. 

Which means if you’re not in the top-3 listings, you’re losing business.

if you’re not in the top-3 listings, you’re losing business

Note: none of these businesses are my clients, nor am I being paid to promote them. 

How To Appear In The First 3 Spots on Google

First, you have to decipher whether you have a business listing already, or not.

If you bought the business you own – chances are, the previous owner has one. Google yourself, and see if a listing appears.

If you started the business yourself, and you know for a fact you don’t have a listing – you can easily claim your business.

When you have your own business listing, this means you’ve “claimed” your business on Google. When you claim your listing – Google sends you a physical letter, with a code, to prove you own the business.

Step 1: Claim Your Business

Start by going to Google My Businessand click “Get On Google,” or “Start Now.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.07.35 PM

Claim your Business Listing on

You’ll then be prompted to sign into your Google account, or, if you’re already logged in, you’ll receive this page:


You’ll need to fill out your business info before proceeding.

Step 2: Verify Your Listing

Once you’ve filled in all the information about your business – your location, the services you offer, your opening times, payment methods, etc – Google will send you a physical letter in the mail with a special code.

This can take 3 – 4 weeks, sometimes less.

When you’ve received the letter, make sure you follow the steps listed in the letter (it always varies, but it’s easy to follow).

Pro tip: Make your Business Listing as transparent as possible. The more information you have, the better you’ll rank in Google. Include your opening times, payment methods, and photos.

Let’s dive into what happens when you’re in the top-3 listings on Google:

How To Track Calls When You Have Your Listing

When your listing is set up, Google gives you access to manage your business listing. This includes “insights” into how many people are searching for you, how many calls you’ve had from your listing, visits to your websites, and directions requested.

Here’s how you find it:

Step 1: Login To Your Business Listing Account

Head back to Google My Business, and you’ll find your business listing.

Here, you can edit your details, if you ever need to change anything.

Step 2: Go to “Insights”

When you’re logged into your Business account, click on “Insights,” found below your business name, in the bright blue bar across the top of your screen.

You’ll see insights like this:

This is how you find out how people are finding you – either by searching around your local area, or by typing in your business name.

This is how you find out how people are finding you – either by searching around your local area, or by typing in your business name.

If you hover over the blue discovery bar, you’ll get an accurate amount of searches by people looking for businesses like yours.

If you hover over the green direct bar, you’ll see the amount of people searching directly for your business, usually by typing in your business name.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.19.48 PM

This will show you where people are viewing your business on Google – either by Google search, or on Google Maps.


Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.19.54 PM

This is the section you want to pay attention to.

This section here – the Customer actions section – shows you how many calls you’re receiving, how many visits to your website, and how many people are requesting directions to your business.

This is where you find out how many people are coming to you because of Google. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.20.01 PM

Scroll down your Insights page a bit more, and you’ll find a breakdown of how many calls you’ve had.

The business I’m showing you here – a hair salon in Berwick, Victoria – had 139 calls from their business listing in the last 4 weeks.

139 calls = new clients.

The means money.

To show you the value of being in the top-3 spots on Google Business Listing, this is the business of the insights you just read:

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.03.30 PM

Allura Hairdressing is on spot 3. If they’re third – and receiving 139 calls in the last 4 weeks with no paid advertising, they’re rolling in new clientele.

Allura are at spot 3 of Google Business Listing, and they receive 139 calls each month

What’s next?

Now that you know the value and importance of having your Google Business Listing in the top-3 results, you must get your listing taken care of.

Start by claiming your business listing, or if you already have one, make sure you’ve got plenty of photos, plenty of real customer reviews (Google know if they’re your friends or family… remember, they have access to the people you email!) – your listing will slowly grow higher and higher among the search results.

Finding new business is all about being found. 

If you’re not being found… if you’re not in the top-3 spots on Google, you’re losing 90% of new business.

That’s costing you money. Do the math: if you have an average customer spend of $79, with 19 new customers per week, that’s $1,501 of new business each week you’re losing to your competitors.

That’s $6,004 per month you’re losing to your competitors. 

Maintaining and staying at the top of Google requires consistent maintenance, work, and monitoring.

If you want more clients, more customers, more phone calls, then you need to be in the top-3 spots on Google.

I get my clients into the top-3 spots on Google – and I can do the same for you, too. If you’re seriously wanting more business, more customers, and more money in the bank: then apply to get your Google Business Listing ranked in the top-3 spots on Google, and watch your customers gleam with gratitude and happiness.

FOCUS, and you shall receive

FOCUS, and you shall receive

Okay, fine – “ask, and you shall receive.”

But how do you know what to ask for, if you haven’t focused on it?

If you haven’t put your energy, your desires, your HUNGER towards whatever it is that you want?

If you don’t FOCUS on what you want, how will you ever achieve it? More so – how will you ever accomplish anything if you never dare to focus? Focus is the single reason people win – and the sole reason people fail.

Focus determines everything.

Focus determines results.

Focus determines income.

How much you focus — how much you show up — that’s what matters. That’s what determines how you’ll win. That’s what’ll build your audience – focus. Sure, marketing helps. But FOCUS – that’s what’ll make you, or break you. If you distill focus into your body, and if you distill NOTHING but focus – the results will be ten-fold.

So if you REALLY want to focus on reaching more people and selling more product, I have something for you.
It’s free.
I’ll sit down with you, 1:1, on a FREE marketing strategy session, and we’ll outline EVERYTHING you need to start reaching more people, and selling more product.
You’ll walk away with:
– the 3 things you must know before attempting ANY advertising
– an exact step-by-step plan for you to start reaching more people
– an exact plan you can use step-by-step to sell more products OR
– an idea for your first product (if you don’t have one already).
If you’re wanting to STEP UP and REALLY grow your blog, you’ll need this FREE 1:1 marketing strategy call.
What do you truly sell?

What do you truly sell?

What do you sell?
At the end of the day, I’m a marketer. I sell things. I’ll take your product, and put it in front of buyers. I’m the middle man.
But that’s not what I do. I may be a marketer, but I don’t sell marketing.
No, I sell the truth. I let people – my clients – serve THEIR people. I’m here to show my clients EXACTLY how they can get in front of the people who’ll love their message (their blogs, expertise, experience), and how they can monetize and make money from it.
In other words:
I help my clients reach more people, so they can SERVE a bigger audience, so they can sell MORE product.
Because selling genuine products and services add value to their audience’s lives. And when my clients make more money – they can INVEST more into reaching MORE people.
I sell greater impacts.
I sell living your truth.
I sell sharing more love.
Freedom to be alive.
Freedom to do what YOU really want to do.
Freedom from the dead-end 9-5 that’s making you pull your hair out.
Freedom to spend MORE time with family.
See, that’s what I sell. I don’t sell marketing and sales funnels – even though that’s the core of what I do.
No, I sell freedom.
I sell experiences.
I sell results. My client’s results speaks for themselves.
Because with results – ANYTHING can happen. With freedom, EVERYTHING changes. Love is created. Spiritual connections are found. Children are conceived; parents are married. Ahh, freedom.
Freedom to think, speak, and DO what YOU really want.
And yes, you can REALLY make money from it ALL. You can monetize message – you can write about it, speak about it, and when you’re in front of the RIGHT people, EVERYTHING changes.
When you monetize your truth, your message – when you TRULY realise that what you sell is MORE than just “I teach people how to get fit,” or “I’m a life coach” – you’ll really see how different you are.
People love you because you’re you.
They want you because you’re different.
People want YOU.
So step into the freedom… the freedom of LIVING YOUR TRUTH.
For when you FEARLESSLY SHOW UP and GIVE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE to your people: that’s when everything changes.
When you can reach more people, and when you give people EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT… when you post to your following, when you email your list and give them all the value they so desperately crave – 
– that’s when products are sold.
That’s when you can make enough money to not just quit your 9-5, but fully work for yourself.
And if you work for yourself full time – that’s when you can REALLY step it all up.
But it only happens when you realise what you truly sell, and when you show up.
So, will you show up?
If you want to reach more people, sell more product, and grow your business: fill out this form and we’ll have a call:


Every now and then, I’ll get asked to work with a client who’s ads just aren’t converting. When I first step into a client’s marketing, I do a few things before I start spending any of their money.


Just because some ads aren’t converting, doesn’t mean you have to abandon them altogether. Why aren’t the ads converting? I always check to see if clients would test different ads, and different opt-in pages.

If they don’t test multiple ads and opt-in pages, that’s where we start first. If they have been testing (any good marketer knows the golden rule of advertising: test and keep testing), then we take what’s been working in the past and make it even better.


Once you have an idea of what is and isn’t working, now it’s time to test. When i work with clients, I push a minimum 4 different ads at once. These ads will have different images, different headlines, and yes, different opt-in pages.

The reason you test different ads/audiences/opt-in pages is simple: advertising is nothing but human psychology. The more you understand about human interactions, the more you’ll win at advertising in any form – especially at Facebook Ads.

For instance, an ad selling a new collection of watches may work better with a male model in the US, but a female model in Australia. How does this affect Facebook Ads? Easy.

The more you know who you’re selling to, the cheaper your marketing and cost-per-sale will be.

So if your new watch collection sells better – and cheaper – to men in the US, you can craft better converting ads to your audience, instead of guessing.

When you guess in marketing, it’s the killer of businesses.
This all affects your Facebook Ads game in one simple way:
Facebook ads are so very specific, you can target almost anyone.
As marketers, we’ve never had the power to target anyone and everyone. Not on TV, newspapers, or banner ads.

Yet with Facebook, if you want to sell a BMW 300i to a forty-five year old African American male in Chicago, who earns over $350k/yr, you can do that on Facebook.

But you really need to test what works and what doesn’t.


To create a marketing campaign, and FB ads that work – that convert – you need two things: time, and effort. You can’t half-ass ads.

When I treat marketing like it’s my first born child, I see incredible results.

However when I treat my marketing like an old rusty car – I almost always waste my money.

FB TIP #3: make sure ads work on mobile!

Considering 82% of all my web traffic comes from iPhone and Androids.. Let that sink in. 82% of all visitors come from their phones.

They’re sitting around, on the subway, in a cafe, in an Uber, watching and reading your ads.

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure ANY ads, any opt-ins and any videos work on mobile…

This will make your ads cheaper, AND make them convert better. Win win!


Okay so there’s a lot of controversy about how much a conversion from each ad should cost you.

What’s the ROI?

If you’re selling a $199 product, then a $4 – $12 conversion is okay, and in fact, ‘normal.’

But if you’re promoting a free opt-in to build your list, maybe sticking to conversions less than $2 is ideal.
Seriously. The cost for each conversion is relative to your objective.


Marketing is NOT about what you sell. It’s not about what you do. It’s not about what you believe in, who you serve, or what you do.

No, marketing is one thing: feelings.

How do you make people feel?

When someone leaves a business invigorated, they’ll tell 2 people. Those two people will tell a combined 4-people between the two of them.

BUT, if you piss someone off: that sole angry customer will tell an average of 12 people, who in-turn, will tell 144 people between them.

That’s 144 people who have a bad assumption of you.
That’s 144 LESS possible clients.

We all know what it’s like trying to convince people who have a bad vibe to buy from us. There’s no coupon, no gift, no extra dick-sucking we can do to get them to buy from us.
When the seed is planted that we’re a “horrible,” or a “shitty” business – it takes an Army of people, a thousand testimonials for someone to even CONSIDER taking a chance with you.

For a while, I couldn’t get a credit card. Or a loan. Or ANYTHING. I moved countries when I turned 18, changed my legal name, and had the credit score worse than when your kids walking in on you and your Mrs having a quickie.

It bugged me. I was stuck in the rat race. Stuck in the cycle. Breaking out of that cycle is proving to be a bitch.

There’s this local bank – P&N Bank – who dealt with a frustrated me….. and so the story of my car loan goes:

Me: I can’t get a loan. Or a credit card. Or anything. HELP.
Teller: Okay give me your history.
Me: {explains history right down to the very gory details of moving countries, applying for one-too many credit cards}
Teller: [overwhelmed with information] Okay, we’re going to move you over to our bank. Save up, come back to us in three months.

So off I go. I move banks, move my income, move my savings – move EVERYTHING from one of the major banks here in Aus, to this tiny little local, state-wide bank.

And y’know what happened?
Three months later, I applied for the new loan.
By now, I’d told well OVER 12 people about my lack of a credit card and car loan from the previous bank.

I’m still mid-application, but the point here?
P&N Bank were nice. Happy. Easy to get along with. The guy who was assigned to my case went above AND beyond everything he legally had to do, just to help me.

Does he make a commission? Probably.
Do I care? No.
Why? Because he freaking deserves it. He went above and beyond to help me, and he’s never met me before. I don’t know if he has a family, but I do know this:

He’s made me a happy P&N Bank customer. I’ve told everyone about how good P&N have been to me. I don’t know who’s then gone and told others about P&N, but someone must’ve.

Now – I know, “Josh, bro, what’s a car loan have to do with my ads?”

Simple: your ads aren’t marketing.
All your ads do is put you in front of people.
Your conversions (regardless if they’re opt-ins or sales), aren’t determined by your marketing.
They’re determined by your willingness to help people.
The more conversions you acquire – the more people trust you.

And people trust you because they like you.
Because they can relate to you.
If people can’t relate to you, keep trying.
Word differently.
Write differently.
Test different offers.. different opt-in pages.. different graphics.. different call to actions.

And if you don’t know what a call-to-action is, stop. You need to learn the basic marketing steps before you even ATTEMPT to run any form of Facebook ad.

So whilst I may have an unnatural endearment with my local bank, they’re doing their marketing well.
It’s why I’m wearing an Apple Watch, writing on a Macbook, listening to Interstellar using Apple Music, and yep, you guessed it, on my iPhone.

It’s why I look up to Tony Robbins for my self-help, to Kat Loterzo for my ass-kicking, and for Tesla for transportation; and so on.

The key to marketing… and the key to making ANY form of ads work:

Make people like you.
Build a relationship with your audience.
THEN ask them to buy.

Don’t sell to sell.
Sell to give value.
And ONLY sell what you deem valuable… what people will LEARN from; what people will GROW AND BENEFIT from.

That’s where you get true, devoted customers.

I like my customers like my women: cute, clingy, and devoted to me.

And so should you.
The ONLY way to thrive in this economy – regardless of what anyone else tells you – is to have DIE HARD CUSTOMERS.
People who will WORK FOR YOU FOR FREE.
People who will RAVE ABOUT YOU.

People will fly across the world to attend an Apple conference.
They’ll fly across the world to cry at a Tony Robbins’ seminar.
They’ll fly across the globe to shake hands with Oprah.
And most of all: they’ll drop everything to take a phone call from the person they’re in love with.

Treat your customers like they’re your lover, and they’ll treat you like a king.

And by king, I mean they’ll buy anything and everything from you.

After all, who doesn’t want to be praised by the love of thousands of people?


Testing. You either love it, or you’ve ever even thought about it. Warren Buffet – the juggernaut billionaire – has been constantly quoted as to “never have your eggs in one basket, always diversify.”

Let’s think about it – you probably have stocks somewhere, a bit of savings in a separate bank account to your daily checking account, you probably have a car, a laptop, and a phone or two… right?

You diversify.
If you’re already making money in business, chances are, you’re selling more than one product or service.
That’s diversifying your income.
You’re making sure you’re not leaving all your eggs in one basket.

So.. the question remains: why don’t you diversify your marketing?
You do this by testing.
Testing the different ads.
Different copy.
Different offers.
Different audiences.
Different call-to-actions.
Different everything.


It’s the 80/20 rule.. 80% of all your marketing won’t work – or won’t work as well as the 20% that does.
Meaning, 8 out of your 10 ads won’t work as well as 2.
Meaning, 2 of your 3 different offers will sell less than the third.
You’ll have one or two main – major – products that sell, and another few that aren’t as popular.

Have a look at your profit and loss statement.. where did you get most of your income?
Where did you spend most of your money?

The question remains: do you test?

If no, why not?
Have you even thought about running multiple ads – multiple sales pages – multiple offers?
If you have, awesome. You’ll know EXACTLY how powerful testing is to your business, and your life.


Let’s get down to the specificities..

We’ll be using Facebook Ads here, so let’s dive in:

1. Sign up for There’s a 30-day trial, and you’ll see why this software is VITAL for your marketing. Alternatively, you can manually test ads in Facebook’s Power Editor, however, AdEspresso takes SO many headaches away from you.

2. Create your ads in AdEspresso. Ideally, have 2 – 3 different headlines, 2-3 different images, 2-3 different opt-in pages/ sales pages/destinations for your ads. The more, the better.. but remember: don’t test too much too quickly.

3. Choose your audiences: again, TEST the different audiences. If you’re targeting a 34 year old mother, who has children.. target mothers with children aged 0-5, 5 – 10, 10-15.. you’ll see why in a sec.

4. Let the ads run for a few days. Ideally, 2 days.

5. Now that you’ve let your ads run, come back and see the results. AdEspresso will tell you EXACTLY what works, and what isn’t. You’ll find 80% of your ads have bombed, yet 20% of them – 1 image – converts more than the others combined.

Testing? Done.
It’s super easy when you get the hang of it.
And it’s super vital.

Most people don’t think of testing, or if they do, it’s well after so much money has been wasted.

Testing removes that “why isn’t this working?” or the doubts about what you sell/provide.
Testing everything will tell you who to target.
Testing your ads shows you which price is better – $39 for your course, or $99?
Testing your images will show you if your audience responds better to ads with photos of people in them, or drawings.
Testing your headlines will differentiate what headlines suck to which headlines REALLY get attention.

Now, this is just an example with Ads. You can test your emails, your broadcasts, EVERY angle of your marketing. You’ve just gotta figure out what you want test – and how long you’re willing to test for.

No matter how much you test, though, and no matter how much you BELIEVE works.. KEEP testing. You can always do better.
You can ALWAYS do better.

Repeat after me:


Go. The Testing Gods are watching you.

How your confidence in yourself will change your business and your life

How your confidence in yourself will change your business and your life

Here I am, at shisha. Anyone who knows me well, knows I come here to relax and write. It’s this cute little cafe in West Perth (where I live).

For those who don’t know, Perth is a city of 1.8million people, yet it seems to have this small town vibe. Everyone knows everyone through 1 or 2 people. It’s small, and SCARY.

If you haven’t dated someone your friends know of – your friend’s friends have. Don’t piss anyone off in Perth – you’ll feel it later. And that’s the problem with Perth.

The vibe.
There’s no fast-paced “success” vibe.
This is the city where dreams come to die.
Troye Sivan’s song, Suburbia, put it perfectly:

“The sun sets longer
Where I am from
Where dreams go to die
While having fun
The boys fix their cars and
Girls eat it up
Loving’s so good when
Love is young”

I was speaking to a new client over the weekend – she was diving into her new course she’s releasing. The course is her first major launch, her pride and joy – her first business love. Yet, the moment we discussed her pricing for this 8-week course… her tone changed.

I felt her entire VIBE change.
Her entire voice shifted.
The confident, passionate woman, who just moments earlier was explaining her passion and success with her blog, diminished.
What replaced the confidence was a fearful woman who was SCARED.

I stopped her.
I told her “no,” in my stern Aussie accent.
She was abashed. Someone much younger than her, someone who just 5 minutes earlier had introduced himself.

I told her to raise her prices.
She was letting FEAR get in the way of her business.
She was letting FEAR get in the way of her dreams – of her family – of EVERYTHING.
The deeper I dug, the more I saw where she was coming from..

“I’m afraid to price myself out of people’s budget,”
“I don’t want to be too expensive”
“If I charge too much, people won’t buy…”


When you come from a place of fear, things stop. Things become hard. You don’t progress – regression forms.
And regression is DEATH.
Death of a business; of love; of life.

And when you price yourself too LOW… people will NEVER take yourself seriously. It’s true with your work, with your services, with your accountant.

My account is $220/hr. And I’m sure as shit I’ll take EVERY piece of advice from him as if he’s my mother. Why?
Because I’m not going to take an accountant who charges me $25/hr as seriously.

After a few minutes of divulging into her deepest fears, we progressed. We agreed on a new price point. Suddenly, the fear had left her system.
She was full of possibility.
Full of hope. Dreams. Desire. Full of “I CAN DO THIS!”

Clients hire me for marketing. For getting them new leads, clients, more sales, product launches, copywriting. They walk away with nothing but one pocket full of sheer confidence –

and the other with cold, real, MONEY.

Success in business comes to one thing: CONFIDENCE.
If you don’t have the confidence in what you sell – who the fuck will take you seriously? A client will ALWAYS pick up ANY self-doubt.

Because if you doubt yourself, your clients will doubt YOU.
And that’s never a good thing.

Repeat after me:
Self doubt in business is a sin.
Self doubt in business is a SIN.

SIN SIN SIN SIN (sorry to all the religious folk who confess every weekend).

Sure, five years ago, you could sell a product that was SO DIFFERENT and it’d sell without a doubt. But now – with the rise of social media, the reliance on Google reviews, the dominance and change in Facebook… EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED.

Even Apple have changed.
It doesn’t matter what you sell anymore. What matters is your confidence, and HOW YOU MAKE PEOPLE FEEL. And making people feel AMAZING all comes down to your CONFIDENCE.

If you believe you’ll make a difference in someone’s life, you will. If you think you will.. you’ll never make a difference in someone’s life.

Even when it’s hard to believe, even when it’s hard to KNOW that you’ll make a difference.. you can. And you will. How do I know that? Because deep down.. DEEP DOWN you have a fire inside of you. And that fire is screaming “I CAN FUCKING DO THIS.”

So tap into it. FEEL IT. Feel the potential. Dream a little and DREAM BIG. Get the fame, the 100,000 Facebook followers, the sold-out stadiums – DREAM IT BIG, BABY.

It took me a long time to move from my $25/hr pricing to my $105/hr pricing… to my $4,500/mo packages. Being a believer in Murphy’s Law – what goes around, comes around – it’s taught me something valuable in life:

A few months ago, a client of mine sat me down and expressed how nothing in his business was working. The company was shrinking, and nothing seemed to… WORK.

He’d lost faith. He’d lost his confidence. His drive – once larger than his ego – had been lost in the routine of surviving, and making ends meet. Stopping him mid-rant, I asked him a question:

“Do you believe in what you sell?”

He answered a confirming “yes,” with no hesitation. I sensed a spark in his tired eyes. So I asked him why he wasn’t making any sales. He was abashed. He couldn’t answer the question.

But it was clear to me why he wasn’t growing the company: he was scrambling from one thing to another. He wasn’t confident. He was lost, scared, and yet, perseverant.

He hadn’t taken the time to get his shit together. Unlike my new client who was insecure about selling her course, he was overly confident. The ego had become involved.

Moving back from his ego, after years of repeating what wasn’t working, he finally saw the flaws in his failing business. We worked on a plan– involving weekly content to his large email list, adding more interaction with his paying members to stop the cancellations, and revamped his ENTIRE sales process from the ground up.

That was three months ago. Since then, he’s added $15,000 a month in recurring subscriptions, and he hasn’t even given it his all yet.

Oh, and he’s in his 60’s.
My new client, who was insecure, is in her 40’s.
I’ve got hundreds of other stories in my vault of past clients. And that’s what makes my work so fascinating:

Seeing people’s lives change.
All because I slowly, day after day, email after email, phone call after phone call, show them what can be done.
I give them a direction.
It’s up to them whether they follow the path we lay out together, and 80% of the time they do, but it almost always results in one thing:

A boost in confidence.
Not ego, because ego is fear, but confidence.
They grow their businesses, they make more money, and yes, the rest of their lives just WORK. Their lives CHANGE. They tap into their confidence, their belief in their work.

And when they tap into their confidence, miracles occur. Businesses grow. Lives becomes forever-altered. Souls are touched, and children are born.

See, I may be the marketing guy, but what I do is so much more than just marketing:

I reinvigorate people’s belief in themselves.

That’s what makes my work so real.
It may be ghastly at first, and usually people react out of fear to the change.
It’s a human thing. We’re afraid of change; afraid of the unknown.

But what I love, at the end of the day, is more than seeing those “Order Placed” emails from my client’s increased sales.
It’s the gratitude emails from my clients, where they spill their thanks, and their changes.

It doesn’t matter how old you are.
It doesn’t matter how young you are.
And it sure as shit doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past (hell, look at Jordan Belfort) –
What matters is just one little thing:

Your confidence.

– It’s time to kick some fucking ass.

Life is precious

When David Bowie died, the world was heartbroken. 69, and cancer, they said.

When Alan Rickman died two days after Bowie, it was cancer, they said. He was 69.

In that moment of learning Rickman’s passing, I paused. Life is precious. I held Bowie and Rickman on such a high pedestal, nothing could touch them. At least in my mind.

It was a wake up call: life your life. Be you. 

Their passing, their inspiration serves as a reminder: life your life. Live. Your. Life. 

Because when we’re gone, only our legacy will be left behind.

The Other Side of Confidence

No one ever tells you how life turns out when you discover your confidence. You start to glow. You realise that you really do deserve anything you want. Most of all, you start to realise how good life is. People will say “become really good at something, and become confident in it.”

But what about other areas of your life – relationships, hobbies, reading – and what about being confident in yourself? What happens when you’re really fucking good at what you do, and you’re confident you are, but you’re not confident in selling yourself?

What happens then?

Or, what happens when you believe in this gorgeous woman – but she doesn’t believe in you, because you don’t have the confidence to get out of the friendzone?

What happens when you are confident it’ll all work out, but you’re not confident in your spouse? Or what do you do when you’re not confident in anything?

You pick up a pen, a journal, and start writing your deepest, darkest fears. You just write. You allow yourself to really admit where you’re weak – so you can start strengthening. Because when all is said and done, your legacy will determine who you are.

And will you have the legacy of “they did everything I never could,” or “they were a great human”?

Life is all yours. Take it by the balls and run.

See, no one told me I’d look at life differently when I had the courage to believe in myself. Everything changed when I started to believe in myself. I met some amazing people, I was paid to fly to Bali. My outlook on life completely changed. I fell in love with my work, my life, my family – with everything – again.

I remember being in Bali, and not knowing what I was doing.

What if? What happens when I get back home, and have to face reality again? 

I discovered journaling on that Bali-business trip.

Journaling changed my life. I found the courage to admit things to myself I never thought were possible. And in those acts of courage, I finally found the belief in myself. When you truly believe in yourself, everything changes. And when everything changes, you become grateful. Very rarely do you go back.

I sure as hell aren’t going back. I’m staying on this side of confidence.

Getting away

Sometimes you need to get away from things in life to see how much you truly appreciate it. When I was 17, I moved with my family to Vancouver, BC. What we were in for was a huge change. Bigger than what we ever thought possible.

When you move countries, there’s no handbook. No one tells you how it works. No one tells you to expect the culture changes, or the whole driving-on-the-other-side-of-the-road thing. In fact, the only thing people really tell you is how much they don’t want you to go, or how exciting it is you’re doing something scary.

Because moving countries is scary. When you move with nothing but the suitcases you’ve packed and the clothes on your back; to a place where you don’t know anyone, with no home, no car, and no furniture, it’s petrifying. What if it fucks up? What if all goes wrong? What happens then?

What happens is the magic in it: it’s the wonderful unknown. When you move countries, everything is new. New places, new people, new cars, funny accents, weird food (wtf was poutine anyway?), and people ask you all the time where you’re from. People couldn’t understand my accent, and when they did, they thought it was fake.

When everything goes wrong (which I assure you, it will at some point), you learn a lot about yourself. I spent many Friday nights at home, alone, seeing all my friends back home at parties, having fun. I felt alone. But I knew, eventually, I’d have my own friends, my own work – I’d figure it out.

See, when you move countries, what people don’t tell you is how magical it’ll be. You’ll meet people and experience things you never even dreamed of. I fell in love with so many things and people when we moved. My family and I went to Seattle, I managed to get a tour of the Starbucks HQ. We flew to San Francisco; I worked on film sets; traveled to a mysterious island-based University and found out that, indeed, this American-college-type party is true. I’ve never seen more sex, drugs and naked people than ever before.

I fell in love, broke people’s hearts, and grew up. An Aussie growing up in Canada is tough. Not only when they can’t understand you, but you have to try to figure out why they do what they do. Culture differences are fucking huge.

Eventually, like any love affair, the charm dies down. The new becomes old; the fresh, stale. The people new country becomes your home, and like anyone who loves the new feeling, I became stuck. I needed out, I felt. I needed to leave. Even traveling to San Francisco helped; but I was sick of the mindset in Vancouver.

The big “break” came in August 2015. We decided to move back to Perth. It was exhilarating. New homes; new people; new experiences again!

But low and behold.. the new became old again. And here I am, I felt stuck. I felt a little lost. I’d talk to friends in Vancouver, and I’d feel this longing to be in the cold, rainy city again. It hit me.

Sometimes you need to get away from things, from people, to see how much you truly love them.

It’s taken me five months to realise my love for Vancouver. For my love of Canada. There’s things I would do differently if I could go back; but given the chance: I’d leave everything the same. Everything that’s ever happened has made me who I am today.

So sometimes if you have to withdraw to see the bigger picture, that’s okay.

For when we’re fighting everyday against the odds, it can get tiring. The best advice I ever received, from Ryan Holiday, was about fighting. Life is a war, and one must prepare for war.

One must get away sometimes, to see the true beauty.

The Best Business Book of All Time

Everyone has their favourite business book. How to Win Friends and Influence People. Good to Great. E Myth. Business Adventures. Some are classics. Some are modern pieces. When anyone ever asks me to recommend a book, hands down it’s Elon Musk. 


Written by Ashlee Vance and released in 2015, the book was a Godsend. It details the entirety of Elon’s life so far – all 43 (he’s 44 now) years worth.

The book unveils the inside of the billionaire’s life; his beginnings, his Paypal success, his divorces (3, to be exact, yet to 2 women), and the best part of all: where he almost lost everything.

“Elon said ‘I will spend my last dollar on these companies. If we have to move into Justine’s parents’ basement, we’ll do it.’ ” — Antonio Gracias recalling a dinner with Musk during the 2008 financial crisis.

What makes this book a page-turner is how Vance portrays Musk: a larger than life Ironman. This guy wants to colonise Mars. If that doesn’t compel you to pick up the book, let me dive in a bit more.

Musk founded – which later became Paypal. In 2002, he and the co-founder, Peter Thiel, sold PayPay to eBay. Musk walked away with $165 million, post-tax.

He then founded SpaceX (which recently made history but launching and landing the same rocket), he bought his way into Tesla Motors, and invested into SolarCity. Today, the 3 companies are all billion dollar companies.

And the book goes into explicit detail on how Musk did it.

So if you’re like me, and you love to work, you won’t put this book down until you’ve read it. From memory, I ploughed through it in 2 days. It gave me this sense of “anything is possible.” Because it is.

If a 19-year old kid from Pretoria, South Africa, could go on to change the face of the planet, anyone can.

You can purchase a copy of Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future on Amazon.